Built in a secular building during the vibrant year of 1884, Hotel Borges Chiado is distinguished by being one of the oldest in Lisbon. Located in an eclectic and modernist building on Rua Garrett - Chiado, it is characterized by its structure with balconies throughout its wall. With more than a century of existence, the Hotel Borges Chiado has hosted illustrious figures of Portuguese and international society and has for decades been the stage of the most varied odyssey that inspired many of the stories of our great poets like Fernando Pessoa or Eça de Queirós.

The Hotel Borges was opened in the year 1884. It had the name "Grande Hotel Borges", it was one of the main Hotels in Lisbon of the century XIX and is currently the oldest hotel in Lisbon still in operation.

A curious note, even at the time when telephones had only three digits, indicates that the Grande Hotel Borges had car and car services, in a clear reference to the evolution registered in society over the last century.

The hotel faced several adversities throughout its existence, one of the most striking being the great fire in Chiado, dated 25 August 1988, which destroyed a large part of the area where the hotel is located, having burned much of the heritage from of the century. XIX and beginning of the century XX

The Hotel Borges Chiado excels in elegance and comfort offering each traveler a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity in each room spread over 5 floors of charm and history. The breakfast room located on the 2nd floor is endowed with an unparalleled beauty, making mortals feel like Count or Countess in the middle of the century XXI. A room that reminds us of the golden century of the upper bourgeoisie, where it was common to order clothing from Paris in the nearby Armazéns do Chiado. The Hotel Borges Chiado is also equipped with a Meeting Room, a Business Center, Fitness Center and Massage Room.